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Wednesday 27 January 2021

How your kid can start coding in just 5 minutes for free of cost



How your kid can start coding in just 5 minutes for free of cost

Your kid can start coding and make apps in just 5 minutes for free of cost by reading this article till the end.

This article also gives you clarity for the below questions:-

  1. Why does my kid need to learn to code?
  2. Which age is suitable to start learning to code?
  3. Where my kid can start learning to code?

Lets me start answering to the above common questions which most of the parents ask to me.

1. Why does my kid need to learn to code?

Coding has become an essential skillset like painting, drawing, arts in recent years.

These days most of the industries and companies rely on the help of technological gadgets and ideas. So the education curriculum is also changing according to that.

In many schools, they have coding as an integral subject or as an extracurricular activity.

So, learning to code is essential these days. This article will help you to get started with that.

2. Which age is suitable to start learning to code?

According to research at the University of California, a kid can start to read from the age of 6, the kid's creativity and logical thinking will also get improved gradually.

I have taught many kids around the world from Kenya, South African countries, Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Canada and different regions of India.

I realized that a kid is unique from others and has its way of learning things and showing interest to learn to code.

My suggestion is a kid after the age of 8 can start learning to code if the kid shows more interest to learn coding else the kid after the age of 10 can start learning to code.

3. Where my kid can start learning to code?

Before answering the above question, I want your kid start to code in just 5 minutes as I promised earlier.

Create your first app in just 5 minute’s

Step 1: Create your account with the help of below pictures.

Ask your kid to open a new tab in a web browser preferably Google Chrome or Safari and click the below link

Then you will see a screen like below. Sign in with your Gmail account else click Create an account.

Fig 1. Sign in page
Fig 2. Create a new account with any of your email
Fig 3. Fill the details
Fig 4. You will see the above page
Fig 5. Fill the page as per your details. Note: Age must be 21+ since the account created with parents email

Once you have completed the above steps, you can click Go to my account.

Step 2: Watch the below video to create your first app.

I hope you have created your first app in just 5 minutes.

Now I will answer to the question Where my kid can start learning to code?

There are a lot of online resources available for free to learn to code. Such as:

But the problem in those free sources is that it is a passive way of learning also there is no interaction between the kid and the resource/tutor.

So if your kid has any queries, it takes time to get sorted out.

The solution to the above:

  • So I have created a hybrid learning model (Interactive sessions + recorded videos) for a low cost.
  • I stand out uniquely so that student will learn the stuff interactively without getting bored and deviated. (Live classes are also available)
  • You can register for a free demo class in the below link:

You can also ping us for a demo class or any other queries to the below mail id.


  • Learning to code is essential to the kids these days.
  • Based on the interest level of the kid, you can guide them to start learning to code.
  • You can initially try with the free resources or find a tutor like me to make your kid start learning to code.

Hope this article was helpful and if you find this article may be useful to someone kindly share it.

Share your comments below and give claps if you like this article.

Have a great day!

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Friday 15 September 2017

How to Increase Traffic to your Blog


In this post, we will discuss how to increase traffic to your blog with available Free Resources.

First, you need a Blog and some Blog post to increase traffic to your blog.

Create your Own Blog in 5 simple steps if you don't have already.

Create Blog.

After Creating Blog Post Some Contents based on your own ideas, knowledge, interests, hobby, about your products and services etc..

Learn How to Create a Blog Post

After posting some content you need to increase the number of visitors to your Blog this is called as traffic to your blog.

There are a lot of advantages in increasing traffic to your blog.

1. Your blog's Search rate will be increased.

2. Easily indexed in Search Engines.

3. Possibility to get eligible for getting Google Adsense approval.

4. You can get Content Writing jobs around the world.

5. Your Alexa Rank will be increased.

So now we come to the topic How to increase the traffic to your blog.

Following sites are useful for us to increase the blog traffic:









5. Social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, also you can share the link in WhatsApp groups.


First, you need to create an account for all the above sites then you can submit your every post link there.

After submitting the post you can see the traffic statistics in your blogger dashboard for the traffic progress or increase in traffic.


Another method to increase the traffic to your blog is that writing contents based on single niche means writing content based on a single topic, for example, a blog about cooking, a blog about sports, a blog about yoga, a blog about programming, a blog about blogging etc...

So this will attract the blog visitors to visit your blog, again and again, to learn about the particular interest.

These are the some of the quick and easy tips to increase traffic to your blog.

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Thursday 31 December 2015


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                                   HAPPY NEW YEAR 

As the New Year arrived I have changed my Blog's template from normal to Responsive one.

You can also change your Blog's template as Responsive one.
Check out Top 5 responsive Templates.

If you are having trouble or don't know how to change the template for your Blog, read my post How to change Template of your Blog



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Wednesday 30 December 2015

Top 5 Responsive Blogger Templates - 2016


In this New Year, with new Hope, new Aims, new thoughts, new dreams, new enjoyments and last but not least your new Dress are all new and fresh to look, so in this beautiful new occasion we the bloggers, what if we change our Blog's template new???

Yes, we the Bloggers should change our Blog's Template in this New Year Eve, it is just a simple believe that changing Blog's Template is just like repainting your house for a new and better look.

In this post I am preferring some Responsive Blogger Templates that will Change your Blog's appearance wise, SEO friendly etc...

#1.2016 Blogger Template

blogger template

This Template is specially designed for the year 2016.

This Template has already included Social media sharing widgets, read more option, go to the top of the page etc...

preview this blogs preview here LIVE PREVIEW .

Watched the template?

Do you feel this template is good for your Blog, then why are you waiting just click the Download option to download this Template.

Download Template

After downloading, you can read my post to change your Blog's template.

How to change template of your Blog

#2.mSora Blogger Template

mSora Template

This template is pretty cool, it has a number of blog posts depends upon your categories, it also has predefined social sharing widgets, recent posts, etc...

This template is suitable for multi-niche Blog like

This template is similar to that which is one my favorite Indian Blog. 

Preview the blog here PREVIEW.

Download the Template here DOWNLOAD.

#3. iprime Blogger Template

iprime template

This template is another simple template for blogger and with all the facilities available.

Preview Blog here PREVIEW.

Download the template here Download.

#4. Cool Mag Blogger Template

Cool mag templates

This template is mind blowing, this Cool Mag Blogger Template is really cool.

You must try this template at least once.

Preview template PREVIEW

Download this template DOWNLOAD

#5.Blogari Blogger Template

Blogari Blogger Template. Blogger Themes. Free Blogspot templates for your blogger blog. Best suitable for news blog templates. Best Ads ready blogspot templates help for add adsense ad code and easily showing adsence ads in your blog. Adapted from wordpress templatethes are converted from wordprss themes. It is help for take your rich. Blogger magazine template specially designed for magazine blogs. The writers can utilize this themes for take blog attractive to users. Elegant themes are more used themes in most of the blogs. Use minimalist blog templates for rich look for your blog. Free premium blogger themes means, themes authors release two types of themes. One is premium another one is free. Premium templates given for cost but free themes given for no cost. You no need pay From california, USA. $10 USD, or $20 USD and more. But premium buyers get more facilities from authors But free buyers. If you run game or other animation oriented blogs, and you can try with Anime blog templates. Today the world is fashion world. So girls involve to the criteria for make their life fashionable. So we provide fashion blogger themes for make your fashionable. News is most important concept of the world. Download news blogger templates for publishing online news. You can make your blog as online shopping store. Get Online shopping store blogger template to sell your product. Navigation is most important to users find correct place. Download drop down menu, page navigation menu, breadcrumb navigation menu and vertical dropdown menu blogspot themes for free. Google Guide to blogging tips and tricks for bloggers. Google bloggers can get blogspot trick and tips for bloggers. Blog templates portfolio professional blogspot themes, You can store your life moments with your blogs with personal pages templates. Video and movie blogs owners get amazing movie blog themes for their blogs. Business templates download. We publish blogger themes for photographers. Photographers easily share photos via photography blog themes. St valentine Christmas Halloween templates. Download Slideshow slider templates for free. Under construction coming soon custom blospot template. Best beautiful high quality Custom layouts Blog templates from templateism, soratemplates, templatetrackers, simple, cute free premium professional unique designs blog themes blogspot themes. Seo ready portfolio anime fashion movie movies health custom layouts best download blogspot themes simple cute free premium professional unique designs xml html code html5. Blogari Blogger Template

A simple and most responsive Blogger template. 

It has every features available all other blogs.

Must try blogger template.

Preview the template PREVIEW

Download this template DOWNLOAD.

So choose any of the above templates for your Blog or else you can also visit for more template.

Keep blogging mate, I wish you that this year will be a successful year for you and the year is filled with happiness , joy , success and lots more positive energy.

Happy New Year !!!

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Saturday 26 December 2015

How to create Pages in Blog

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Hello, mate, in this post I am going to tell you how to create pages in your Blog.

The major difference between Posts and Pages are, the Posts are often posted and it is countless but the pages are limited to 20.

Yes, you can create only up to 20 Pages in your Blog.

Uses of Pages:

Pages are used to collect similarly labeled post under a single category.

If you create a Page with Sports then all the post labeled with sports will be displayed when you click the Page Sports.

Creating a Page:

Look out the Infographics

pages- infogrphics


Sign into your

Step 2: Click Pages

Click the Pages option in the dashboard


 Step 3: Click New Page

Then click the New Page to create a Page in your Blog.


Then after clicking the New Page, start to type the Page Title, Page content and then click Publish.

Often, the page is created to show the Home page, About Us page, Contact Us page etc..., so create like that one and provide the appropriate information's. 


Step 4: Add Page widgets to your Blog

To display the Page there are two ways, the first one through coding, by editing the HTML code in the Template area, this is often Confusing for the beginners.

So we go for the second method, by adding Widgets.

I have already posted that How to add widgets to your Blog if you have missed reading the post read it here.

Add Widgets to your Blog in 5 Steps

 Click the Layout option in the dashboard and click the Add Gadget, now search for the Pages widgets and click the published pages and click SAVE.




Click Save option and click Save arrangement then click View Blog.


 Now View your Blog.


You can create up to 20 Pages and you can re-arrange the pages where ever you wish.

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Wednesday 23 December 2015

Add Widgets to your Blog in 5 Steps

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Hello mate,

In this post, I am posting about Add Widgets to your Blog in 5 steps.

Widgets are the type of virtual Gadgets which are used to enhance the usability.

In your blog Widgets can be added, so that it will enhance your Blog's features without using programming codes.

Adding Widgets to your Blog is a very easy task to do.

Follow the simple steps to add the widgets


Step 1: Open


Step 2: Click Layout option 

Select the Layout option in the Blogger dashboard.


Step 3: Click Add a Gadget


Step 4: Select a Gadget or Widget

There are many widgets already exists in the blogger, so select the required Widget.



Step 5: Click Save



The Widget is now added to the Blog.

Finally, Click the Save Arrangement.


Then view the Blog 


Changing the position of the added Widget in the Blog

The position of the Widget can be simply dragged to the desired location.


Click the desired widget and move to the desired Location


View the Blog to see the changes



Removing Widget's from the Blog


If you wish you can remove the widgets from the Blog.

To Remove a Widget, go to the Layout and click Edit option near the desired Widget.

For example in this post I am going to remove the Instagram Widget, so click the EDIT option near the Instagram as shown in the Image  


Then click the Remove option.


Then again click OK option.


Then save the arrangement and click the View Blog option to view the changes.


Now you have successfully learned to add the Widgets in your Blog and the way of removing them. 

In the next post, I will post about How to create Pages and the difference between pages and posts.

Keep Blogging !!!

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Monday 21 December 2015

How to Customize the Template

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Hello mate I hope that you have successfully created your own Blog and changed your Template and must have written at least one post. If not so, then read the How to do so!!!

Create Your Blog in 5 steps

How to write Post in Blog 

How to change Template of your Blog

Customizing your Blog is not the same for every blog, because it depends on the design of the Template and also it depends upon your choice.

But the steps involved is same for every Templates.

Step 1: Go to

Sign in into your blogger account 

Step 2: Click Templates in your Blogger dashboard

After sign in open the Templates in the blogger dashboard.

Step 3: Click Edit Html

Then click the Edit Html option , then editing of your template will be opened , it will be HTML coding.

Then click the Format Template to start editing your template

For example if you want to edit the Link in the top of your Blog , 

For example if the link Layout  must be changed to the name Blog, it is simple !!!

Click the Editor and click  CTRL+F to find the line where the Layout link resides, click CTRL+F and type the Layout and click enter.

Then the Layout will be found , for verification the Layout will be near a href link.

Change it to Blog

Now save the template and view the blog.

The Link has been changed now.

We now just created the link's name we did not set any links for this, for this we need the use of Labels.

How to create Labels

Labels can be created easily, you can create the labels at the time of your post is published.

For that you need to click the Labels in the editor dashboard.

Then type the Label name as BLOG.

Then publish the post.

Now open the Blog and right click on the Label Blog and copy the Link Location .

Now copy the Link Location and paste it in the href='copied link location' in the template --> Format Template --> CTRL+F --> BLOG --> href --> paste the location.

Then Save Template and View Blog.

After that click the Blog link now the post that are labeled with Blog will be only displayed.

Like this, you can customize your Blog's Link and you can create around 2000 Labels and copy those link address and paste it into the Template's Editor.

Whenever you write a Post create the appropriate Label also can set the already defined Label.

In the upcoming posts, I will tell you  How to Add the Widgets to your Blog.

Widgets are used to enhance your Blog's appearance.

If you have successfully changed and customized your Blog, comment below.

Also, view digital marketing services -

Also, view SEO related services:

Top 5 Responsive Blogger Templates - 2016


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