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What is Data Science? - End to End project - part 1

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In this post, we will see how a simple data science project life cycle will be!

Data Science Project Life Cycle

1. Understanding the Business Problem

Without a business requires no project exists. So once the client approached us for a solution. Then we have to understand their business problem and requirements. We have to get clarification of all of your questions and queries initial stage of the project to avoid back and forth.

The client will approach a data science firm which will be mostly a Marketing Research firm or Data Analysis firm.

They will have a kick-off call meeting where they will discuss the business problem statement and their requirements with the technical team and frame the steps to be executed.

After the meeting they will identify the below:

1. Exact Problem statement
2. Where and how to collect data from
3. Budget and Duration of the Project 
4. Required Output files

2. Data Collection

Once the problem statement is identified and the data collection process is defined then the project goes live.

Data Collection:

There are various ways to collect data.

1. Survey
2. Telephonic Interview data
3. Data collected from real-time places such as hospitals, clinics, and individual persons.

The data will be collected based on the requirements of the client, they most probably define a questionnaire to collect the data.

Once the data is ready the project will start in terms of technical part.

3. Data Analysis

Data analysis is the major part of a Data Science project. It is also the crucial part of the entire project where all the other projects depend on the data provided by the data analysis team. So it is really very important to work more cautiously when doing the data analysis.

There are different tools to do the data analysis which we will discuss in the upcoming episodes.

During the data analysis process, the team will prepare a cleaned version of data after checking the data quality, genuine form of data and more focus on the valid data.

The team will also build some partial insights with visualization for the client to look at to know that the project is on right track. Also the client can direct the team to focus on a few areas based on the analysis they did so far.

4. Machine Learning Model

Most of the projects can be 90% completed once the Data analysis project is over. Only a few projects need a machine learning model based on the complexity of the data and volume of the data. 

The Machine Learning models will be helpful to automate our work and make the big volume of data analysis in a simple and faster manner. We will learn more about machine learning in upcoming episodes.

5. Insights

Finally, we will get prepared with the insights and output files in the format the client has requested. It can be a simple excel, CSV file, text file, pdf, charts, graphs, slides etc...

There will be a secured mode of communication to deliver the projects.

Based on the client's suggestion there might be some more tune-up in the insights else the project can be sign-off.

Hope this article might be helped you in understanding what a data science project will be like. In upcoming episodes, I will share the tools and technical part of data science. 

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Saturday, 16 July 2022

What is Data Science?



Data Science is a combination of multiple disciplines that use statistics, data analysis and machine learning to analyze data and extract knowledge and insights from it.

What is the Use of Data Science?

 Data Science is the art of providing insights based on the provided data from the client or data collected based on the business requirement.

That Insight will be the output of a data science project where it will help us to make any of the below.

1. Decision Making

2. Prediction

3. Pattern recognition

these things will help us to make better decisions on business plans, products to be launched, prioritising the priority work, and strategies that will make more revenues.

This is why companies invest a lot in data science.

In the upcoming post, we will learn about How an End to End data science project will be, and what are the opportunities in this domain.

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Thursday, 17 February 2022

Python practice programs for beginners - Day 20



Day 19 Solution:

adding items to list in python


Practice the same kind of programs and if you practice any new program kindly mention in it in comments.

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Python practice programs for beginners - Day 19

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Python practice programs for beginners - millioninformations

Day 18: Solution

Day 19: Getting list items from users at run time and printing it.

You can practice the above program.

Day 19 Task: Get the Hollywood movie list going to get released in 2022 Summer from the user and print it.

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Python practice programs for beginners - Day 18

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Python practice programs for beginners - millioninformations

 Day 17 Solution:

Day 18: Introduction to List

A list is a collection of items. The items can be of any type.

Example: [1,2,3,5.5,"a",True]

How to print a list in Python?


[1, 2, 3, 4, 5.5, True]

But if we want to print the list items alone we need to use for loop.








Day 18 Task: Create a list for latest gadgets and display it.

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Monday, 14 February 2022

Python practice programs for beginners - Day 17

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Python practice programs for beginners - 17

Day 16: Solution

Python Multiplication table program


Python Multiplication table program

Day 17: While loop


while condition to check:

    statement to be executed



Day 17 Task: 

Get a number from the user and print the odd numbers in that range.

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Saturday, 12 February 2022

Python practice programs for beginners - Day 16

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Python practice programs for beginners - Millioninformations

Day 15 Solution:


for loop even number

Day 16: For Loop

Mini Project 2:

Get a number from the user and display the multiplication table of that number. You can also get them up to which number you can display the table.

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Friday, 11 February 2022

Python practice programs for beginners - Day 15

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Python practice programs for beginners - Day 15

Day 14 Solution:


Day 15 : for loop

If you see in the above picture the output is starting from 0 and ending with 9. If we want to start from 1 to 10 then we need to change the code in the range.

In this we have to use from 1 to 11 (10+1) because the loop runs from 1 to whatever the value mentioned at end position -1.


Day 15 Task: 

Get start value and end value from the user at run time and print all the even numbers between that range.

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Thursday, 10 February 2022

Python practice programs for beginners - Day 14

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Python practice programs for beginners - Day 14

Day 13 Solution:

Python Grade Checker Project Source Code:

Download Source code

Day 14: for loop


for val in sequence:

    statements to be expected in the loop

val - variables

sequence - may be a range or list of items



Task: Print your name 10 times

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