Tuesday 25 January 2022

How to run Python program


how to start with python programming - millioninformations

30 Days Python Practice Challenge for Beginners.

Python is the most powerful but simple programming language right now.

This Python practice program for beginners will help you to get confidence in the basics of Python programming.

Learn how to Install Python

Since we need to use Python you may also download Python or also can use online python compilers. For mobile users download the Pydroid 3 app or QPython 3L.

Method 1: Using IDLE in Laptop (Once Python Installed)

Once you have installed Python, let's open idle.

You can search IDLE in the windows search bar.

python idle - millioninformations

You can something like this once opened.

Click on File --> New File

You will get a file like this. In this, you can start practising the program.

Once you typed it, you can save it and run the program by clicking Run option.

Method 2: Using online Interpreter 

Easy to get started for beginners.

python online compiler - Interpreter

Method 3: Mobile App

For mobile users download the Pydroid 3 app or QPython 3L.

I hope now you can able to use any of the given methods to run your python program.

From next post we will be doing 30 day challenge for Python program practice. It will not be like tutorials instead you will be practicing the program and self analysing the output.