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How to install Android studio?

Android studio installation guide

android studio installation guide

In this post, you can follow the simple steps provided to install android studio on Windows OS. Kindly check your system requirements before installing.

In order to create android apps, we need to install this android studio which is the official android app development tool provided by google developers.

General Requirements:

Good internet connection (Upto 4GB data can be required for installing android studio).

Minimum 8GB RAM

64bit system architecture

Android studio installation guide


Android studio is the official to develop android apps. Android studio is open source means it is free to use.


We need to check the requirements before installing the android studio.

 You can view the instructions on this website also.

 Also, I have given the same below.


system requirements for android studio
Fig. System Requirements

Checking your system configuration

To check your system configuration, you can open your system properties and view the Processor, RAM, and system type.

Installing Android studio:

 If the system configurations are met, then you can proceed with the android studio installation process.

Step 1: Go to the official download website

Step 2: Click Download Android Studio

Note: Make sure you are connected to the internet and the network is good.


Read the agreement and click the checkbox at the bottom.

Step 3: Just double click on the downloaded file. It will prompt the following dialogue box.

Click Yes!

Step 4: The Setup will start.

Click Next to continue.

Again click next.

You can choose the installation location in your computer or else by default it has a default location in your program files so click Next again.


Next click Install!

Android studio will be installed now on your system.

Once completed click Next.

Click Finish and the android studio will be opened now.


Once “Finish” is clicked, it will ask whether the previous settings need to be imported [if the android studio had been installed earlier], or not.
It is better to choose the ‘Don’t import Settings option’. Click the OK button.

Then it will keep on downloading and installing a few files from the internet again, so you need to keep on clicking the Next button until you see a finish button.

Click Finish and you can be able to start working on your first project.

In the upcoming post, we will learn how to create android apps in android studio. 

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