Monday 21 December 2015

How to Customize the Template

Hello mate I hope that you have successfully created your own Blog and changed your Template and must have written at least one post. If not so, then read the How to do so!!!

Create Your Blog in 5 steps

How to write Post in Blog 

How to change Template of your Blog

Customizing your Blog is not the same for every blog, because it depends on the design of the Template and also it depends upon your choice.

But the steps involved is same for every Templates.

Step 1: Go to

Sign in into your blogger account 

Step 2: Click Templates in your Blogger dashboard

After sign in open the Templates in the blogger dashboard.

Step 3: Click Edit Html

Then click the Edit Html option , then editing of your template will be opened , it will be HTML coding.

Then click the Format Template to start editing your template

For example if you want to edit the Link in the top of your Blog , 

For example if the link Layout  must be changed to the name Blog, it is simple !!!

Click the Editor and click  CTRL+F to find the line where the Layout link resides, click CTRL+F and type the Layout and click enter.

Then the Layout will be found , for verification the Layout will be near a href link.

Change it to Blog

Now save the template and view the blog.

The Link has been changed now.

We now just created the link's name we did not set any links for this, for this we need the use of Labels.

How to create Labels

Labels can be created easily, you can create the labels at the time of your post is published.

For that you need to click the Labels in the editor dashboard.

Then type the Label name as BLOG.

Then publish the post.

Now open the Blog and right click on the Label Blog and copy the Link Location .

Now copy the Link Location and paste it in the href='copied link location' in the template --> Format Template --> CTRL+F --> BLOG --> href --> paste the location.

Then Save Template and View Blog.

After that click the Blog link now the post that are labeled with Blog will be only displayed.

Like this, you can customize your Blog's Link and you can create around 2000 Labels and copy those link address and paste it into the Template's Editor.

Whenever you write a Post create the appropriate Label also can set the already defined Label.

In the upcoming posts, I will tell you  How to Add the Widgets to your Blog.

Widgets are used to enhance your Blog's appearance.

If you have successfully changed and customized your Blog, comment below.

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