Saturday 19 December 2015

How To Change Template of Your Blog

Hello mate, in the last post I have posted That How to write posts on your blog.

If you have not read the post read here How to Write Blog Post.

In this Content I am going to tell you How to change the Template of your Blog.

Template is that, How your Blog will look like, it is similar to the Website Design. 

Every Blog has its own appearance, the Template is a predefined style for a Blog.

You can select your Blog's Template  at the time of your Blog creation.

You Can see the Templates in this screen shot, You can choose this templates temporarily and create your blog.

Later you can download any kind of template and update your Blog's appearance .

Changing Your Blog's Template


Follow the simple steps to change your Blog's Template.

Step 1:Click Template 

Click Template in your blogger dashboard 

Then the Templates will be displayed

You can choose any of the displayed Templates but if you want advanced Templates you can download it from websites.

Step 2: Download Templates

Click the below link to download advanced Templates

Download Templates here 

If you click this link a website will be opened

This Website provides free blogger templates click the Free Blogger Templates in the website.

Then the a list of Templates will be displayed with it's preview, You can select any one of the desired Template.

For example I choose the FRESH BLOG RESPONSIVE Template as my Blog's new template, then click the Download option.

Then the Template will be downloaded( kindly notice that where the template is saved in your storage device  for example in my computer it is stored in the Download folder).

Step 3: Extract the Downloaded file

It will be downloaded in .zip file , so you may in need of WIN RAR software.

Click the below link to download the Winrar Software.

Download WinRar 

Installing Winrar is very simple process.

After installing Winrar go to the downloaded path and right click the file and click Extract here.

Then the Extraction of the files will be processed.

After Extraction You will find a Folder named in the downloaded Template name, open the Folder and look for the XML file. 

This is the actual template file that we are going to use, but directly we are not going 

to use it.

Step 4: Go to Templates in Blogger

After downloading your desired template open the and click the templates, then click  Backup/Restore option.

Then Click the Browse option

Then select the XML file you have extracted from your downloaded Zip file and click Open.

Then Click the Upload option

It takes some time for uploading your XML template file , so please wait then automatically your Blog's appearance will be changed.

Click View Blog to view the updated template.

For example:

Before Changing template

After Changing Template

Coooooollllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulation's You have successfully changed your Blogs Template.

Also try the following Templates

Minimal Clean Blogger Template

Cool Mag Blogger Templates

Revoltify Alternate 2 Blogger Template

Mystery Blogger Template

Shoot Pics Blogger Template

In the next post I will tell you how Customize the Blog's Template.

Read here:

How to Customize the Template

Tips: Try to learn basic HTML coding

Click the below link to learn the basics about HTML

SEO related services: (Link below)

Also You can learn HTML in

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