Friday 18 December 2015

How to Write Posts in Blog

Writing the Posts in Blog is easy for the beginners , but if you want more traffic to your blog You need to follow certain rules.

But just as a beginner it is an easy task for you to write Post for your Blog.

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Here is a Infographics about How to Write Blog Post

Writing a Post in your own blog must come from your heart, your blog shows your words. When any one reader read your Blog's Post it must be easy to read and they must feel that this Post is written for them, Like I am writing this Post only for you. 

Writing Your first Post 

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click Post


Step 3: Click New Post

This is the Editor 

The Post Title must be that it must reveal your Post's whole matter, if you are writing a Post about Latest Technology  You can choose your topic as Latest Technology 2015 or Trending Technology like that Choose a favorable Title.

How to include images in Your Post

To insert an image you need to click the insert image icon or simply copy and paste the image.

After clicking the Insert image it asks to choose the file

Then select the file and click open

Then select the image and click add selected option.

Then the image is inserted into your post

Then after typing the Post just click Publish.

To view your post in your blog click View Blog or type the address of your blog in the address bar 


You are post has been successfully updated in your Blog.

Like this you can post many posts in your blog.

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