Thursday 17 December 2015

Create Your Own Blog in 5 Steps


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In this Post, I am going to post about Create your Blog in 5 steps.

A Blog is a website that is updated with the latest news, trending technologies, cooking recipes, Health tips, Science & Arts, and also people share their own experience and they also write about their interested topics.

A Blog is a free platform provided Google that offers a website for a single user who is having a Google Account or Gmail Account.


Learn How to Create a Gmail Account Here

Create your Own Blog here in 5 steps

You have to follow only five steps to create your Blog

I have included my first infographics here:



If You don't have your own Gmail account create Gmail Account here.

Step 2:

To create your own blog, the next step is to go to WWW.BLOGGER.COM  and sign in with your Gmail account. 


After Sign-in

Step 3: New Blog

Then the blogger dashboard will be opened in that click New Blog.


Step 4: Blog Title & Blog Address

Then a window will be opened in that it asks for the Blog title and Blog address.


Blog title will be displayed on the top of your Blog.

In this post, I am creating a blog called million informations


Blog address is that it is your unique address of your blog that can be used search in the Web Browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox.


In the above example, I have typed the address as millioninformations but it indicates that this blog address is not available that means the address is already chosen by someone else, so better try the related address such as 
millioninformationsdemo and if the address is available then click Create Blog! or else try another address until it is available and then click Create Blog!


Step 5: Create Blog

Then click create blog


Then your Blog will be created


To view your blog, there are two ways 

1. Click View Blog on the top of your Blogger Dashboard


2.Type the address of your Blog in the address bar of your Web browser,
For example: 


This is your Blog!!!

Congratulations !!! You have Successfully created your own blog !!!

 How was the post Create your own blog in 5 steps was?

You can also create many blogs in a single Gmail account.

In the next post, I will tell you how to post a content !!!

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If you create your blog by reading this article kindly mention your blog address below  in comment section.

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