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How your kid can start coding in just 5 minutes for free of cost


How your kid can start coding in just 5 minutes for free of cost

Your kid can start coding and make apps in just 5 minutes for free of cost by reading this article till the end.

This article also gives you clarity for the below questions:-

  1. Why does my kid need to learn to code?
  2. Which age is suitable to start learning to code?
  3. Where my kid can start learning to code?

Lets me start answering to the above common questions which most of the parents ask to me.

1. Why does my kid need to learn to code?

Coding has become an essential skillset like painting, drawing, arts in recent years.

These days most of the industries and companies rely on the help of technological gadgets and ideas. So the education curriculum is also changing according to that.

In many schools, they have coding as an integral subject or as an extracurricular activity.

So, learning to code is essential these days. This article will help you to get started with that.

2. Which age is suitable to start learning to code?

According to research at the University of California, a kid can start to read from the age of 6, the kid's creativity and logical thinking will also get improved gradually.

I have taught many kids around the world from Kenya, South African countries, Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Canada and different regions of India.

I realized that a kid is unique from others and has its way of learning things and showing interest to learn to code.

My suggestion is a kid after the age of 8 can start learning to code if the kid shows more interest to learn coding else the kid after the age of 10 can start learning to code.

3. Where my kid can start learning to code?

Before answering the above question, I want your kid start to code in just 5 minutes as I promised earlier.

Create your first app in just 5 minute’s

Step 1: Create your account with the help of below pictures.

Ask your kid to open a new tab in a web browser preferably Google Chrome or Safari and click the below link

Then you will see a screen like below. Sign in with your Gmail account else click Create an account.

Fig 1. Sign in page
Fig 2. Create a new account with any of your email
Fig 3. Fill the details
Fig 4. You will see the above page
Fig 5. Fill the page as per your details. Note: Age must be 21+ since the account created with parents email

Once you have completed the above steps, you can click Go to my account.

Step 2: Watch the below video to create your first app.

I hope you have created your first app in just 5 minutes.

Now I will answer to the question Where my kid can start learning to code?

There are a lot of online resources available for free to learn to code. Such as:

But the problem in those free sources is that it is a passive way of learning also there is no interaction between the kid and the resource/tutor.

So if your kid has any queries, it takes time to get sorted out.

The solution to the above:

  • So I have created a hybrid learning model (Interactive sessions + recorded videos) for a low cost.
  • I stand out uniquely so that student will learn the stuff interactively without getting bored and deviated. (Live classes are also available)
  • You can register for a free demo class in the below link:

You can also ping us for a demo class or any other queries to the below mail id.


  • Learning to code is essential to the kids these days.
  • Based on the interest level of the kid, you can guide them to start learning to code.
  • You can initially try with the free resources or find a tutor like me to make your kid start learning to code.

Hope this article was helpful and if you find this article may be useful to someone kindly share it.

Share your comments below and give claps if you like this article.

Have a great day!


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