Friday 28 January 2022

Python practice programs for beginners - Day4


Python practice programs for beginners - millioninformations

Welcome to the 30-day challenge of Python practising for beginners.

Day 3 practice program:

Day 3 Solution:



Day 4:

Type Casting:

In the above example if you have noticed we got 2 inputs from the user. 

Name and Age, where name is a String and Age is a number but in the above output, you can see that is also String. 

To convert one type of data into another type we need to do Type Casting.






So after typecasting, you can see that the type of Age variable is int which is a number.

Practice Program Day 4:

Write a program:

--> Get different data about a person

--> Find the type of data getting stored

--> Try to change the type of a variable and print it

Try to complete the task.

The output will be displayed in the next post.

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