Tuesday 1 February 2022

Python practice programs for beginners - Day5


Python practice programs for beginners - millioninformations

Welcome to the 30-day challenge of Python practising for beginners.

Day 4 practice program:

The solution is similar to that of the sample program discussed.  

Day 5:


Operators are something that helps us to work with operands.
There are more operators in python.
In this post, we will try to learn the Arithmetic operator.

Arithemtic Operators:

Addition --> +
Subtraction --> -
Multiplication --> *
Division (Quotient) --> /
Division (Remainder) --> %
Exponentiation --> **
Floor Division --> //


a=int(input("Enter the number"))
b=int(input("Enter the number"))


Day 5 Practice:

Practice all the Arithmetic Operators given above.

Try to complete the task.

The output will be displayed in the next post.

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