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Java Concepts required for developing Android apps

In the previous posts, we have learned the software setup and emulator creations, which are very mandatory for the Android app development.

In this post i am going to tell about what are the java concepts required to develop android apps.

Yes, the android apps are created using java programming , so we need to learn the some Java Concepts to create Android apps.

The Android app development is done using two things.

1.Java code to implement the app functionality

2. XML code to design the User Interface( UI ).

In java there are lots of concepts but we do not need all the concepts to develop simple android apps.

Following concepts are enough to develop an android app:

A simple Info-graphic:

1. Basic programming Concepts.      ( this is just fundamentals)

2.Data Types 


4.Control Statements(this concept is very important)

 5.OOPS (Object Oriented Programming)

 6. String Handling

 7.Array List 

 8.Basics of Multi threading       (For advanced apps)

9.Basics of Exception Handling (For advanced apps)

If you want to learn java no need of any programming experience before. Just by reading some below post you can easily learn Java.

First you need to be familiar with programming for that purpose read some simple C programming...

1. How to run a C program
2.  How to add 2 numbers in C
3. Decision Control Statements
4. Loop Control Statements

If you are already familiar with this concept just, skip to start learning java.

After becoming familiar with this fundamentals let start to learn about java.

1. How to Run a Java Program
2.How to add 2 numbers in java
3.How to get input from the user
4. Classes and Objects in Java 

If you already know the above concepts just start learning the required concepts.

Practice the above concepts till you become familiar with that.

After that start to learn the Required Java Concepts for developing android applications.

There is a perfect blog to learn all Java concepts that is .

This blog will provide A-Z knowledge in java.

You can learn what you want , try to first complete the above mentioned required java concepts required to develop android apps , then if you want you can learn more.

Read here:

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