Saturday, 1 April 2017

How to use Android Phone as an Emulator


In the previous post i have told you how to create an Emulator in Android Eclipse, but it is slow compared to USB Debugging.

What is USB Debugging?

Using our smartphones as an Emulator also called as Debugger is called as USB debugging .

It is very simple to use your phone as an Android Emulator.

I have created an Info graphics for the easy understanding.


1.Go to settings in your phone


Tap on About Phone option more than 5 to 10 times till a message will come like


After this you can see the Developer options above the About phone.


Now open the Developer options and Enable it and also enable the USB Debugging option as shown in the image.


2. Connect your phone to the laptop Using USB.


Then the phone will ask for Trust this Computer are not click yes.

Then after complete the coding go to Run configuration as shown in the image.


Then click Target tab and enable Always Prompt to pick device  and then click Apply then click Run.


Then select your phone and click OK.


Then within some seconds or minutes the output will be displayed in your phone.


You have successfully used your phone as Emulator.

NOTE: If your Phone is not visible in the Eclipse then try the following options.

1. Reconnect the phone 
2. Download your Phone's Sync Manager.(For Example : My phone is HTC so I have downloaded    HTC SYNC Manager) . 

 Install it and then follow the above procedures from beginning.

It will work definitely.

Now try this:

Hello World app

If you find any difficulty in making your phone as an Emulator mail me your trouble or error i will mail you the solution. .

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