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Twitter and its Founder


    Nowadays people who are using internet are share and maintain their status(many of them share their feelings, many of them may advertise, many of them post valuable information’s etc..) in social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. 
    Effective use of tweets, posts uploads by people on business , will be more helpful to their business.
    Some people spent more time on social networking websites and used their creativity on posting, tweeting, Status, are getting more popular. 
    Most of the social networking websites used to communicate people effectively, In that social networking website series Twitter provides advanced trendy way of communication. The reason is, Twitter provides services in a different manner in the form of 140 characters called "tweets". Users can send and receive these tweets, follow favourite famous personalities.
    Twitter is described as the 'SMS of the internet'. If we follow some famous person then information about that person and his tweets will takes place in our account's home page. By following that persons we can gather information about famous persons such as Scientists, Business mans, Entrepreneurs,tech people's updates.
    The main reason of twitter's popularity is, it is the blending of instant messaging, blogging, texting in a brief content for very very broad audiences, short in length, so we can easily understand and spent less time on reading tweets interestingly. At the same time we can keep touch with celebrities and higher official peoples.

Jack Dorsey:

      JACK DORSEY, who created the idea of the twitter and the Founder of the Twitter he thought about a social networking website that enable the status sharing among group of friends easily. After that his idea was implemented and named as TWITTER.COM...
      Jack Dorsey was born in November 19, 1976 in St. Louis, Missouri. His mother's name was Marcia Smith who was a homemaker and his father's name was Tim Dorsey who was an engineer of medical equipment, worked in development of mass spectrometers.
       Jack Dorsey was joined in Bishop DuBourg High School which is an Catholic School at St. Louis. In his school days he suffered from stuttering problem so that he was a quite boy in school. He has joined many speaking competitions to overcome this problem and finally he speak normally. He was more interested in programming and creating a live map that represent a city, at his 14th age he created many open source software's.
        He did college in Missouri University of Science and Technology. In 1999 he dropped out of his University and started a company in 2000, for dispatch couriers, taxies and emergency services from web.
       Unfortunately his company failed after that Jack Dorsey heard about some instant messaging services, When he know about instant messaging services, he think about a service that allows sharing of user status among group of friends, then with this idea he approached Odeo a company which shows interest on text messaging .
       Odeo is a company that provided service tools to create, record and share music and videos with a simple flash based interface. It was founded by Evan Williams and Noah Glass(who were become the cofounders of twitter later)
       Then Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone developed prototype in two weeks. Twitter attracted many employees of Odeo, Initially original name of twitter was "twttr", Williams introduced this name to Noah Glass inspired by Flickr. Another reason was at that time Domain name twitter was already in use.
        Then auspiciously Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass co-founded the Twitter Inc and acquired with Jack Dorsey as the CEO.
       At March 21, 2006 , the first tweet of Twitter is created at 9.50PM (PST) as "just setting up my twttr" in March 21, 2006 by Jack Dorsey.
He also found another company called Square.
A company allows anyone and anywhere to accept credit card payments on mobile devices, markets several software and hardware payment products.

Improvements of Twitter in Each year:

      After starting Twitter in 2007 on South by Southwest conference Twitter has reached 20,000 tweets per day to 60,000 tweets per day, this was one important mile stone in twitter history, in that conference, in a large screen important tweets are shown and that impressed many tech people to use twitter.
         On November 2008 distinguishable twitter crosses One BILLION tweets!!
         On September 2009, The blue bird on replaced the default avatar. In that year on October twitter passes Five BILLION tweets!!!! (An amazing rapid growth in a year!!).
        In January 2010, NASA Astronaut T.J.Creamer from International Space Station posted the first tweet from outer space, he made an important history,
he posted on January 22 as
"hello Twitterverse! We are now LIVE tweeting from the International Space Station--the first live tweet from Space! : ) More soon, send your ?s"
Its absolutely awesome!!!
         And in that year, 65,000 tweets are posted in each day, which reaches 750 tweets in a second.
          In October a new version of twitter was introduced an entirely re-edition of twitter having ability to see pictures and videos effectively, through links on the tweets supports to other social networking websites.
      Twitter was used in variety of sections and crosses 140MILLION posts in a day. Due to these rapid improvement twitter holds the third rank among the social networking websites.
         On December 8, a 'fly' design is added in the twitter's website, in the home page another options "connect" and "discover" are added.
         On twitter's 6th birthday it reaches 140MILLON users and 340MILLION tweets per day. In April twitter opened office in Detroit to work with automotive brand companies.On June 5, the text in the twitter logo was removed and new logo was introduced which having only the blue bird in the full size.
        On October twitter acquired a company called vine, an online video sharing company and launched in January 2013.
      Twitter launched the first music app called Twitter music on April. In this year Twitter acquired two companies, they are Trendrr, MoPub.
       On June 4 twitter acquires another company called Namo Media(An advertising company for Mobile applications) which is formed by a Google employees Gabor Cselle, Nassar Stoertz and Tural Badirkhanli, On July 31, 2014 Twitter acquires another company, a small password security startup Mitro. In this year Twitter establish partnership with IBM.
       In this year Twitter acquires two more companies Periscope,TellApart. In this present year Twitter's home page was changed considerably.

Twitter’s CEO’s

        On October 16,2008, Evan williams took over the role of CEO, while Dorsey became the chairman of the board.
        On March 28, 2011, Dorsey returned to Twitter as Executive Chairman after Dick Costolo replaced Williams as the CEO.
       On June 10, 2015, Costolo announced that he was resigning as CEO of Twitter effective July 1, 2015.
Dorsey would assume the post of Interim CEO upon Costolo's departure. He was named permanent CEO of Twitter on October 5, 2015.
Internet statistics of tweets per day

As today when the time i was typing this line the tweets of the day was 830,800,000 . mind blowing isn’t it you can check out the real time statistics
real thing of Twitter is absorbing real time information that we need!!!
create your twitter account here and start tweeting!!!
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