Tuesday 1 February 2022

Python practice programs for beginners - Day7


Python practice programs for beginners - millioninformations

Day 6 Program:

Try to apply the formatting to all the other arithmetic operators.



Day 7:

Relational Operators:

== --> Equals
!= --> Not Equals
> --> Greater than
< --> Lesser than
>= --> Greater than or equals
<= --> Lesser than or equals

Relational operators in python or comparison operators in python are used to find the relationship between 2 numbers/variables.

This expression will return Either True or False depending on the expression we use.


a==b i.e  10==20 

Output = False

Since 10 and 20 are not equals we get the result as False.

Day 7 Task:

Try out all the relational operators along with the string formatting concept learned on Day 6.


Try to complete the task.

The output will be displayed in the next post.

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