Wednesday, 15 April 2020

COVID19 - Helping People in need for food - App idea

Covid19 - Helping people in need for food - App idea. This video is made for

COVID-19 Samadhan | MHRD Mega Innovation Challenge | TRACK 1 challenge. 

The idea consists of creating an application or sms service. We need to make some donors who wanted to donate the food to the needy should register. Anyone is in need for food, can request for food using this application or sms service. Then the donor will be notified with this request. Then in the list of available donors anyone can donate food by selecting donate option.

If anyone of the donor has selected to donate, no one else can donate otherwise they can contact the donor and share their food. 

Once this process is completed with the help of police the donors can distribute the food to the requested people with some safety measures.

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