Sunday, 2 April 2017

Solve Couldn't resolve resource @string/your_text warning


Many of the beginners will find this error  Couldn't resolve resource @string/your_text , while you are trying to change the text hello_world in the activity_main.xml in the following line like this:

The actual coding will be like the above image but the beginner will try to change the hello_world like this:

The text may be anything , here i am using Welcome.

the error will come like this :

Why this is error is coming means , the @string/ resembles the string.xml under the values folder under the res folder  which i have discussed in the previous post.

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In order to add a new text we need to add the text in that string.xml folder.

Follow the following steps :

1.Open  res ----> values ----> string.xml 

In this add a new line as follows:

 <string name="welcome">Welcome</string>

Now save both string.xml and activty_main.xml and now see the error will be gone.

Thus the error   Couldn't resolve resource @string/your_text was successfully cleared.

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