Sunday, 25 October 2015

How to Upload Videos in youtube

Hai guys in this post i am going to tell you how to upload videos in youtube in 4 simple steps.
The Youtube is the most visited video site. It is the repository of videos. You can get any type of videos here, Youtube also provides the facility of uploading your own videos also, it is the main success of the youtube.
Now i will tell you the easy way of uploading your own videos in youtube.
step 1: Sign into your Gmail Account

  Sign in into your Google account that is your Gmail account. If you don’t have your Gmail account create your Gmail account here .
   If you do no to create a Google account you can read my post  how to create a Gmail account also you can watch my video of how to create a Google Account.
step 2: Go to
  Once you sign into your Google Account then open the youtube , type the url in your web browser.
Then Click the upload button in the top right corner as shown in the image
Then the upload video page will be opened
Step 3: Select the video to be uploaded
   Now click the up directed arrow to select the video to be uploaded


select the video and click open

  Then your video will be uploaded according to your video size if it is too large it will take more time to be uploaded.
You can see that the video is uploading
Once your video is uploaded it will start processing the video
Then the processing will be done
Then you can give the title for your video, can add a description to your video that what is your video about , you can also add message to your video, select related tags.
You can choose a thumbnail to be displayed on the youtube
Step 4: Click the Publish Button
  Once your video is uploaded, processed and the details are filled then your video is ready for publishing. Click the Publish button on the top right side.
Once you click the publish button your video will be live in the youtube. You can find your video URL at the left side as shown in the image.
After your video is uploaded you get the screen like this
You can share your video on Facebook, twitter,Google+,Blogger,etc..
You can see your videos URL here also you can also get the Embed code here.
To watch your video on youtube copy the link and paste it on the search bar and click enter
Hurray !!!
Your video is successfully uploaded in youtube
Thus in a simple 4 steps you have successfully uploaded your video in youtube.
see the video that will explain in detail about uploading the video in youtube

I hope the post was useful share the post if you like it.

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