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How to do disk partitions in windows 7

Follow the simple instructions to partition your disk

1.Make sure that no data is available on the disks otherwise it will be erased so backup your files to pen drive or CD.         

For example look down the below picture , it shows there is some data present in my local disks.

Let me show the local disks opened

     Local Disk D:

Local Disk E:

So, i am going to backup these folders to Local Disc C for temporary use

After backuping the data the localdisks will become empty.

Now we are prepared to patition the disks

2.To partion the disk right click on the MY COMPUTER  and click MANAGE option as shown below

After clicking the Manage option a window will be displayed as shown below

3. Next click on the Disk Management option under the Storage option in the left side of the window
Then the available  local disks and their management will be opened as shown below

4. Our next step is to delete the current local disks

To delete the disk right click on the disk and click DELETE VOLUME option as shown below

After clicking the Delete Volume  option a dialog box will be displayed

The dialog box displays a warning message to backup your files but we have already back upped our files so click YES option.
Then the disk will become free as shown below

That’s it we have freed up the Local Disk D.

Follow the Same steps to delete the Local Disk E

After deleting  the Local Disk E a total free space will be available as below

 5. Our next and final step is to partition available free space into required number of Local disks ,       i am going to split into 2 disks

Now right click on the available free space and click new volume as shown below

Then a wizard box will be appear on the screen

Just click on Next option on the wizard 1

Then the wizard 2 will display the size of the volume we needed to partition

I have entered 30720 MB (30 GB apprx.) and click Next option

Now next wizard will be opened to assign the disk letter, i am going to assign letter D to my new Simple Volume and click Next.

Then in next wizard is the formatting the new volume for a fresh storage space
Click Next the appropriate options will be already present

Then a final wizard will be displayed it will display all the options you have done on the previous wizards if all the settings are ok then click finish option otherwise you can change the settings by clicking BACK option.

After clicking finish a new simple volume will be created as LOCAL DISK D

Then we can create another volume by following the above same steps

Then we get another disk for example LOCAL DISK E as shown below

Now at last we have partitioned the disk successfully...

Congratulations YOU have successfully partitioned the disks !!!

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