Hello mate, I am Narendiranath I hope you are doing good and i wish that your life will be good from this minute. You are here to know about my blog. So let me tell about me and my blog.

About me: (updated on 2017)

I am Narendiranath M.E Computer Science Engineering and now working as an Assistant professor in Karpagam institute of technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu(Aug 2019 - current)

I am an Android App Developer and Blogger.

I am a fond of teaching; I love to teach my friends that I know well and confidence. 
Before I started Blogging I was interested in learning about the mysteries of our vast Universe, then I got interested to learn about latest tech updates, after completing my two years of college, I worked in a private Computer teaching center and taught them the basic programming languages and MS-OFFICE as my city is village based so there were people who even don't know how to on and off the computer. 
So I was the guy in that training center to teach the basic things about the Computers.
People loved my way of teaching. I was only 19 years old boy at that time but I used to teach peoples of different ages form age 7 to age 60. 
Everyone loved my teaching; unfortunately I left the job due to some personal issues. 
Later I started learning about HTML and CSS and designed a mini static website for a college student for his Mini Project.

At that time I got a new idea that what if I teach the people by creating a website. But I don’t know about advanced web development and don’t know how to buy a hosting and domain name.

 By that time I came to know about Blog Spot by a Computer institution in my town. So I bought a domain name www.millioninformations.com and started blogging in May 2015. After my 5 months of blogging I learned a lot about blogging and I saw a new world with people of blogging skills. I am happy that I am also one of the newbie blogger and definitely will become the Pro Blogger in future.

Vision of millioninformations.com

As I already said that I am fond of teaching , I started this blog to teach the basics of computers. But vision of my blog is to bring my blog nearly equal to Wikipedia, I wish that my blog must satisfy the internet surfer’s needs, I will get satisfied once I post million information’s. 
I think my life time will not enough to do it so. So in future I am planning to form a team and separate my works to them.
 I am also learning the new kind of teaching method, and planning to develop an interactive teaching course on basic programming languages and much more.
 I will implement the above said features as soon as possible.

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