Thursday, 30 March 2017

How to develop Android apps


Android OS based Smartphones are in the market since 2010 and now the Android's Share has reached the tremendous rate 88% in the total Smartphones market.


 This shows that the Android is unbeatable in the upcoming technology era.

 Thus the usage increased the android app developers are in demand, understanding this many students     coding geeks and others who have the interest in android are now into the learning process of Android app development.

So i will try to provide some basic foundations for learning android app.

There are several blogs and YouTube channels that are teaching Android app development for free.

One of the blog which is good and easiest way to learn is which will provide all the core and advanced concepts in Android.

Also you can refer the YouTube channel Slidenerd

In this post, i am going to write about how to develop android apps, what are the tools required to develop an android apps.


1.Android Developing Tool(ADT) --- Download 


2. Android Studio --- Download


3. Java Development Kit (JDK) --- Download


The installation process after downloading the above software is easy.

Click this link to setup Environmental Variable which may be required sometimes.

The Eclipse and Android studio both can be used to develop an android app, but the Android Studio is the Official Android app development tool provided by google.

However, it is recommended for the beginners to use Eclipse (ADT) to start learning which is easy to learn. 

After having some core concept knowledge in android then you can switch over to Android studio.  

System Requirements:

         minimum: 2GB 
         Recommended: 8GB

Operating System:

         Windows 7 and above, linux based OS, Mac.

 Stick to any one author , then only you can learn without getting any confusion.

In my next post i will try to provide some android programming concepts.

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