Friday, 31 March 2017

HelloWorld app in Android


For beginners it is recommended to use ANDROID DEVELOPMENT TOOL (ADT) eclipse .

After some core concepts, i will use Android Studio.

Read How to develop Android Apps and download the tools required to Create the android apps.

 Open Eclipse by double clicking the eclipse icon found in the folder where you have downloaded the ADT bundle. In my laptop i have saved it in the following path


Double click the eclipse icon.


After that it will load.


This is what you will see after ADT is opened.


1. File-----> New-----> Android Application Project


Enter the Project name , where you want to store , minimum version to run your application etc...


as follows...

project name

Then click Next, Next , Next until Finish comes.


In the above screen you can choose the folder where you can store the project works and click NEXT.


In the above window you can choose your own icon which will be displayed as your app icon when you installed in your mobile, we will discuss it on upcoming post.


Click blank activity and NEXT.


Then click Finish.

I will explain about what is Activity name later.

Then the Work space will be opened.


Then right click on the Project name and click Run As----> Android application.



You need to select an emulator, I will tell how to create an Emulator, how to use our Android phone as an Emulator in my next post.

Just now we see how the output is coming.


Output in Mobile.


It is recommended for the beginners as well as developers to use Mobile as an Emulator which is 10 times faster than the Emulator.

In next post i will tell you how to create an Emulator and how to use our phone as Emulator.

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