Wednesday, 24 February 2016

How Users and Bloggers can use Affimity as Social Blogging platform


     Affimity is Social Media platform that can also be used as social Blogging by Users and Bloggers.

    Affimity is similar to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ but it is totally different from these social media platform.In Affimity, you can be connected with people where they share your passion.

What is Social Blogging?

      The Blogging is very familiar among people, where a blogger   writes about their interested topic and related people will become the audience but the blogger does not know exactly to reach the       content among the certain group of interested people, the answer is by using Social Blogging.

     Affimity is the first popular Social Blogging platform which can be used by the ordinary internet users and also by the bloggers.   

How can Users Use Affimity as a Social blogging platform?

  Affimity is a different kind of Social Blogging platform for the Internet and also social media users.  

Affimity platform consists of a number of channels, in which each channel refers to different Interest of the people. For example Sports, Space, fashion, Technology, Entertainment, Food, Education, etc…


Each channel is based on single interest, a single user can go through each and every channel but also the interested channels.

If a user chooses a particular channel then all the posts displayed will be based on that particular topic.

For example, if you choose cricket then all the posts and news will be based on cricket.


If you choose fashion you can see news related to that.


User can also switch between channels easily by clicking the desired channels at the top of the page,


also, can click the beta symbol to go to the home page




Users can also write on their interested topic and also can add images


Click Share button to share the post on Facebook, twitter, Google + and also you can mail it to a particular person.

The user can also create polling system for current affairs such as which team will win the match.


      The user can also find new friends on Affimity and can follow   them also.      

In this Social blogging platform, an awesome feature is      included that is providing a Level to the user based on their contribution in Affimity.

For example:


The user level is 2. The user level will encourage the affimity users and bloggers to increase their levels by posting more and more information.

It also has the notification icon which shows the activities of user


User can also maintain their profile



How can Bloggers use Affimity as a social blogging Platform?

As explained till now, the bloggers can also efficiently use the affimity for multiple uses.

Mainly the bloggers can drive traffic to their blogs.

The bloggers can extend their contact through finding related person belonging to their blog niche.

Also, the bloggers can contribute to Affimity by posting blog Posts, so that the affimity users can gain some extra knowledge.

So the Affimity is going to be the biggest Next generation social media platform that can be used by the users and bloggers as a social blogging platform.

Create your affimity account here: Create Account.

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