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2016 T20 World Cup Schedule

The 2016 T20 World Cup is going to be started from 8th of next month (March 2016) in India.
This is the 6th T20 World Cup.

There are two groups and 16 Teams going to be participated in this World Cup.

This Teams for 2016 T20 World Cup:

9.New Zealand
13.South Africa
14.Sri Lanka
15.West Indies and
16. Zibabwe.

In which these teams are splitted into Two groups Group A and Group B and only 10 teams are allowed to play for the second round.

Already 8 teams have been selected to the second round based on the ICC Ranking see ICC Ranking 2015.

And the remaining 2 teams are selected from the available 8 teams and they are put in round 1. The winners from the round 1 will be qualified for the round 2.

See the below image of Teams and Groups in 2016 T20 WorldCup.


Match schedule of 2016 T20 World Cup :

The First round of 2016 T20 World Cup Starts from 8th March 2016 to 13th March 2016.
The Second round Starts from 15th March 2016.

Semi Final Dates of 2016 T20 WorldCup:

Semi-Final 1: 30th March 2016 in New Delhi
Semi-Final 2: 31st March 2016 in Mumbai

2016 T20 World Cup Final:

Final: 3rd April,2016 in Kolkata.

Here is the match Schedule:

Cricket Fans Let’s be ready for the World War of Cricket.

List of T20 Winners:

2007 – India

2009 - Pakistan

2010 – England

2012 – West Indies

2014 - Sri Lanka

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