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Why do clouds have different shapes?

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A cloud is made of water drops or ice crystals floating in the sky. There are many kinds of clouds. Clouds are an important part of Earth's weather.

How Do Clouds Form?

The sky can be full of water. But most of the time you can't see the water. The drops of water are too small to see. 

They have turned into a gas called water vapour.

As the water vapour goes higher in the sky, the air gets cooler.

The cooler air causes the water droplets to start to stick to things like bits of dust, ice or sea salt.

What Are Some Types of Clouds?

Clouds get their names in two ways. One way is by where they are found in the sky. Some clouds are high up in the sky. 

Low clouds form closer to Earth's surface. In fact, low clouds can even touch the ground. These clouds are called fog.

 Middle clouds are found between low and high clouds.

Another way clouds are named is by their shape.

 Cirrus clouds are high clouds.

 They look like feathers.

 Cumulus clouds are middle clouds.

 These clouds look like giant cotton balls in the sky. 

Stratus clouds are low clouds. They cover the sky like bed sheets.

Why do clouds have different shapes?

Clouds are made up of tiny drops of water vapour, or ice particles, or both.

The shape of a cloud depends on its height and temperature. 

Cumuliform clouds are shaped like mushrooms and are formed when rising warm air cools as it goes up.

Stratiform clouds come in flat, dull layers and are formed when air sinks in a high-pressure area, creating a layer of cold air near the ground that doesn't rise or rises only very slowly.

Cirriform clouds are clouds that have risen on a front or tropical cyclone and frozen into ice crystals at a very high attitude.

They look like thin hair.

The shape of clouds also depends on the time of the day.

Towards evening, clouds tend to be thinner and flatter than during the daytime.

Changes in wind patterns also change the shapes of clouds.

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