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The Falkirk Wheel

Falkirk wheel

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The Man has made several creations in this vast world, some of them are unique in  kind. 

One of them is The Falkirk Wheel in Scotland.

The Falkirk Wheel is a rotating boat lift located in Scotland. It connects the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal.

Falkirk wheel -Scotland map

The Canals were previously connected by a series of 11 locks, but by the 1930's, these had fallen into disuse.

The wheel is a symbol of the Millennium Link, the largest ever canal restoration project in the UK.

The only structure of its kind in the world, the Wheel is situated in a natural amphitheatre outside Falkirk.

The wheel receives boats from one canal, rotates and descends or lifts the boats to another canal, where the boats are placed to continue their journey.

The Falkirk Wheel is 35 metres high. Each of its gondolas contains 300 tonnes of water, meaning that the wheel moves 600 tonnes on each lift.

Full View of Falkirk wheel

But because the gondolas are always in balance for the boats displace their own weight of water, moving them takes surprisingly little power.

Look the functioning of the Falkirk wheel

The mechanism in the Falkirk wheel

The mechanism in the Falkirk wheel

Up to eight boats can be carried at any one time. Nothing like it has ever been built before, anywhere in the world.

Falkirk - mechanism

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I hope this information's The Falkirk Wheel was new and awesome right!!!

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