Sunday, 1 November 2015

What is your Mental age ???

      Hai guys in this post i am going to share you a  interesting and very funny thing, that what is your mental age. I have added a video from youtube that will ask you a set of 10 questions and marks are allocated for the options , A,B,C and D.
For each question the option’s mark allocation will be different, so have a paper and pen to calculate your marks.
Based on the marks you have scored your mental age will be calculated. It is just for a fun , so don’t take it as serious, guys.
Don’t try to cheat yourself , be true this test’s result is satisfied among 75% of the people who attended the test conducted last week.
So this may help you to calculate your mental age, this is an opportunities to the older people to become young one’s by their mental ability.
Watch the video,
take the test ,
All the Best .Winking smile

I hope the video was useful to you!!!

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