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In the end of the last year the beta version of Windows 10 is released and feedback from various user is collected and the Microsoft had changed a lot in the Windows 10 and released in this july 29 with over 111 languages , in 190 countries and customers with 15 million to 1billion users all over the world with a full copy rights reserved.
Often the released of OS is supported with only DVD but this time it also supports with USB drives, because the speed rate of USB is more than DVD.
The Windows 10 is designed in such a way , in which the users can feel different in using Windows 10 in different devices.

Start menu

    The Start Menu is back in Windows 10. But the start menu in Windows 10 is not similar to that of in Windows 7 but it has some additional features also having a Live Tiles icons.
In this start menu we can add the WINDOWS Store Apps and the websites that we visit often.
Also the Search option is available with the start menu and the search option as in Windows 8 is also available.

Touch Screen Technology

If the Windows 10 is used in a touch screen based device then Windows 10 will allow to access all sort of operations by the users. Even Windows 8 supports to all the touch based options Windows 10 will responds as same and fast for different types of hardware architecture also.

Multiple desktop

Using this facility we can open multiple tasks on a single screen and we can separately work on those multiple tasks at a same time.

Quadrant Layout

This feature helps you to run four applications at the same time without any degradation in performance.

Task View

This is a new design to view all the opened applications and tasks quickly. We use this by clicking Alt+Tab in the older versions in this version we can swipe the screen from the top of the left side of the screen to view this option.

Edge Browser

The Web browser used in Windows since Windows 95 till Windows 8.1 which is called the Internet Explorer has now upgraded to a web browser named Edge Browser which is 112 times faster than Google Chrome is released with this Windows 10.
It has the following features:
Private browsing
Set to automatic user Name and password
Updated news from the most visited websites
Based on the internet rules
Increased Add–on
Cortana a voice based search technology.
You can read more about Edge browser here          Microsoft Edge–Faster web browser

Spartan Browser

This browser is with a very new technology with the facilities of showing every details with the title you search and it also has the following features
Taking notes while browsing
Different reading format for individuals as required
Voice based search using Cortana feature.

Cortana Voice based Search

This facility of voice based search which has been already present in the Windows phone has now been added in Windows 10 and its applications like Maps, Cloud Storage(One Drive),Spartan Browser, Edge Browser.
The advanced feature of this technology is that when we use it often it will recommend you some tips that you search about.

Games are back

The games like Solitaire and Minesweeper which are removed in the Windows 8 are back again in Windows 10.

Universal apps

Developing apps for different devices will vary. It takes time and it will not be convenient to the users. Thus Microsoft has created this facility called as Universal apps , by creating a apps in it , it will support all kinds of devices such as mobile, tablets, laptops, desktops which are using Windows 10.
This facility is the extended version of Metro Apps  that has been used in the Windows 8

Apps in windows 10

The apps that has been used in the mobile is given in this for all devices. Importantly the Data Security app that will be used to erase the data from your stolen pc or mobile remotely.
Also the Windows 10 has been added new apps also. Importantly Mail app , new Calendar app, alarm, etc…
The mail app is not similar to Outlook but it has all the facilities that are available in Gmail, Yahoo mail…
An another important app is the very new music app only for Windows 10. It is called as Groove Music , instead of windows media player.
In Windows 8 there was a settings option instead of Control Panel but it does not contain all the required feature. But in Windows 10 the Settings option has all the facilities inside it.
Snap Assist UI is another app that is used to swipe the application in to the next window, it also has the drag and drop facility and jump list facility.



This is a very useful feature that is included in the  Windows 10. It is a automatic sensing technology of Input and output devices when connected with the devices.
The user need not to do any settings for connecting any new devices, Windows 10 will automatically sense the devices that are connected to it .

Unified Notification Center

This facility which has been already present in Android, iphone and Windows mobile 8.1 has been included in Windows 10

Office 2016

The new edition of Microsoft Word, Power point and excel package the Microsoft Office  2016 has been released in Windows 10 , it has cool new tools to edit and supports different text format.


This is awesome technology in Windows 10. Since Windows 10 is released commonly for all the devices , the work we doing in laptop can be continued in tablet and also in mobiles using this tech Interface.

Windows 10 editions

Windows 10 is released in seven different editions. They are
1.Windows 10 Home
2.Windows 10 Pro
3.Windows 10 Mobile
4.Windows 10 Enterprise
5.Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise
6.Windows 10 Education
7.Windows 10 ioT Core

Which Edition of Windows 10 to choose

Since there are seven editions windows 10 you may be confused of to choose which edition is suitable for you. You can choose by reading the following details about different editions.
1.Windows 10 Home:
  This is a simple edition of Windows 10 for everyone. It is designed based on customer based expectations.
2.Windows 10 Pro:
  It is a based on a technical related mobile device based desktop edition
3.Windows 10 Mobile:
  It is for the Windows phone and the tablets that are having size of 3.99”
4.Windows 10 Enterprise:
  It is for the business Organisations who buys licensed product for many devices.
5.Windows 10 Mobile Device:
  It is for the Mobile devices who buys licensed version in a large amount .
6.Windows 10 Education:
  It is for the educational institutions like schools and colleges in a large amount of licensed product.
7.Windows 10 IoT Core :
  This is designed to work in low price based device and low application usage.
The Windows 10 Enterprise and Mobile Enterprise edition  has been used in ATM centres and in small devices used in business centres, small terminals and the small robots in industries.  

Windows 10 is the last release of Microsoft

Windows 10 is the last version of Microsoft’s release. Microsoft has been the leading operating platforms globally for the past 29 years. But now Microsoft announced that Windows 10 is the final release of Microsoft OS releases and after this only the updates for the Windows 10 will be released.
Windows 10 is a cool and awesome release of Microsoft if you only buy it for a licensed version. Otherwise the performance will not be good.

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