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Project Loon- Internet for everyone

Project Loon
You may heard about this new technology Project Loon. Let we see about it.
Now a days internet has became very important in a man’s life as important as food,cloths and shelter. In upcoming era the basic necessities of an average man will be Food, shelter, Cloths and INTERNET. Weird but true. The usage of internet has increased tremendously.
The impact of Smart phones is the main reason for the increase in usage of internet.
Now a days almost every one have the facility to access to the internet, also with the high speed internet like 3G, 4G.
But in some rural areas they have the difficulties getting of good internet access, they can only get the internet speed of 2G speed, in some places they don’t even get the internet connection.
In such places there may be only certain number peoples have the knowledge about using internet and they only need the internet connection. But it is difficult and it is not profitable to the telephone network who providing the internet service for providing special internet connection to the remote areas for a very small about of subscribers. Many telephone networks tried to solve this very basic problem but they could not succeed in it.
So the god of internet and the king of internet The GOOGLE tried to solve this global issue and successfully found a solution to solve this issue.
Google is a place of birth of creativity. So it founded a great solution to solve this issue of providing internet to the remote areas also.
This project is named as PROJECT LOON- Internet for every one.
This project uses the BALLOONS to provide the internet, this is the secret of this project.
There are two main radio transceivers on each balloon: a broad-coverage LTE base station and a high-speed directional link used to connect back to the Internet. There is also a third backup radio that can be used to communicate with the balloons from the ground if the others fail or go out of range.
These balloons is floated in the Stratosphere at the height of 18-27 km or 60000 feet to 90000 feet almost above the height of aeroplanes fly. So there is no chance for accidents in the sky.
These balloons will provide internet around 40 km surroundings to receive the internet provided by the Loon the user must have a special receiver in their homes.
To provide the internet all over the world nearly 2000 such balloons are required with a certain interval between the balloons.
Each balloon will fly around 100 days to 130 days, the fuel for it is through the solar light and also charged battery.Once the fuel become finished or it reaches the day of 100 or above the maintenance team will monitor the path of balloons travel and it also monitor the usage of fuel , service provided details and so on… Once the fuel is finished the monitoring team will make the balloon to fell down in a specified space and the fuel is filled and the balloon is made to fly again.
The Google can make 20 balloons to fly in a single day. This can help the peoples in the mountains, islands villages and the ships going in the sea can all access the internet facility.
These balloons can provide internet upto 4G speed .
Since the data coverage area is 40 km nearly 100 and above users can access a single balloon to access internet access.
The balloons are controlled by positioning of the Loon fleet is adjusted and controlled from Loon Mission Control, using a combination of automatic planning and human oversight. In addition, the individual balloon vehicles perform some automatic flight control functions, such as venting gas to prevent a burst or parachute deployment in case the balloon descends too quickly
Here is a video of Project Loon from youtube

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