Friday, 4 September 2015

Microsoft Edge–Faster web browser


Microsoft has launched its brand new web browser in windows 10.

After two decades of Microsoft’s travel with the user friendly environment windows os it always had the default browser Internet Explorer.

The Internet Explorer was not such popular and it was not user friendly and easy of access.

Thus after several research Microsoft had launched Microsoft Edge browser which is faster than other browsers.

The Web browser’s like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc… are the popular and most used web browsers, now the Microsoft EDGE is in the above list.

Features of Microsoft Edge Browser


The Edge browser is designed with a new and advanced security options. It additionally has some Extensions on browser to protect the system from the Malwares.

2.Sharing Web pages

  In all the browsers we do not have such option for sharing the web pages with others, but in Edge browser it is possible share the webpages.

There is Share option in this web browser, so that you can share your favourite web pages to your friends on Facebook, whatsapp, etc…

3.Easy to Read

  EDGE has a separate option for storing our favourite files and read them later.

Other Features

Private Browsing

Pin to Task Bar

Disable Flash

Select Default Search Engine

Dark Theme

and much more options are there for you to explore

This browser is default in new computers and the system having Windows 10 operating systems.


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