Friday, 21 August 2015

Top 5 Movie Apps For Android Device

There are hundreds of movies and films are releasing now a days so download top 5 android movie apps here.

1.Movie Box

This is one of the best app where you can watch out the latest movies, videos and different series of your favourite show. The  adjustable video quality makes this app more user friendly. This cool app also allows you to manage your movie library and to add movies manually.


One of the most popular app of India where you can watch out latest movies, TV shows lots more that you want to watch out like different serials of some popular TV shows.
Download the app here

3. IMDB Movies&TV

The another popular app for your android device where you can watch out all the latest movies and many more TV serials. Also you can search out your favourite movies in their apps and add them manually in this app to watch them later.
Get the app here,0305-39882.html

4.JustWatch- Movies & TV shows

There is huge collection of movies that are available in this app.
Get the app here

5.Flipps TV

One of the cool app for the users who love to watch movies only in HD quality as all the movies available in this app are in HD format. So download the app and enjoy it.
Get the app here
Download and try the apps.

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  1. All apps has premium features, to getting these I have to pay. That's why I hacked these apps with the luckypatchers. After that, I have able to get all premium features for free...