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Hai guys this is the first information i am posting in this million information’s blog.

Around us there are several things and information’s exists and it is infinite to learn. There is always starting and ending of something. Regarding my blog million information’s THE UNIVERSE is the starting information i am going to tell .Because we are living in this world which is considered to be a small dust in this vast infinite UNIVERSE. So let us know something about this universe and let we try to understand the mystery in it.

The UNIVERSE is a vast and vast infinite expanding one. Nobody even great scientists could not find out the beginning of this UNIVERSE. But they have proposed some theories that relatively explains how the universe could formed. The Big Bang theory is the most accepted theory on the beginning of the universe.

All right don’t think too much we just try to understand the concepts proposed by the scientists.

Lets go guys.....

2 theories believed by scientists that universe exists

50 years ago Scientists thought universe had always existed based on 2 theories

1.Steady Theory and

2.Pulsating Theory

The Steady Theory states that the continual creation of matter at the centre of an expanding universe so the universe appears the same for all times.

The Pulsating theory states that the universe goes through regular cycles of expansion and contraction for all time.

But now that the scientists have proven that the universe began about 14billion years ago with the big bang[1billion=100crores 14billion=1,40,00,00,000 crore]


In the beginning, all the matter, energy, space & time which we can observe were apparently created in an instant.

This was not like an explosion into empty space, but expansion of space itself.

[The Scientists till now do not know that the secrets of universe, they cannot say that the universe began only due to big bang but they have just proved some possibilities of beginning of universe due to big bang]

In the First Second...

In the first fraction of second, when the current laws of physics did not apply, a lot happened.

Within a small fraction of a nano second, the universe expanded at an enormous rate from a very small size. This is known as inflation and was necessary to allow the universe to be relatively homogeneous(i.e everywhere you look, it is much the same)

Particles began to form out of enormous energy – first small particles like quarks, gluons & leptons, later the more familiar protons, neutrons & electrons.

The four fundamental forces or interactions like gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force developed gradually(because scientists believe that these forces are actually caused by an exchange of very small particles(bosons)).

By the time universe was 1 second old it had expanded to a size about a thousand times size of the solar system and the temperature dropped to 10000 million degrees.

The first few minutes, As the age of the universe moved beyond seconds to minutes and it grew in size to about 1015 km across.

Nuclear fusion formed the first of the nuclei,(Hydrogen and helium) The universe was still incredibly hot.

Universe is expanding...

After several hundred thousand years conditions had established enough for the atoms to form, after several hundred million years, the first stars and later the first galaxies, began to form by gravitational attraction.

Supernova stars created many of the heavier elements out of the lighter elements and then exploded them out into the space, making them available for planets which later formed, this allowing the complexity of chemistry on earth necessary for life.

The universe is still expanding...





Logically there are 3 possibilities for the cause of the big bang

1. Something caused it to begin(that something may be god named by the people)

2. Nothing caused it but it began anyway or

3. The Universe never began because it has always existed(Steady state)

Big Bang Expansion





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